за нас Artvision Ltd. was established in 1997 and specializes in indoor and outdoor advertising, as well as in the production of sun-and wind-proof facilities.
Our ability to both design and manufacture advertising sign boards /both lit and unlit/, channel letters, stickers, billboards, awnings, canopies, wind proof curtains etcetera enables us to carry out massive advertising campaigns. Our priority is to provide complete branding, regardless of the complexity of the project. To accomplish this, we rely on a team of highly qualified professionals who have proven over the years that we are scrupulous and reliable business partner.
We constantly invest in new technology and aim to increase the number and improve the quality of the services we provide. We follow the most recent high tech trends, which is a prerequisite for our extensive catalog of products. In the manufacturing process we exclusively use aluminum, stainless steel and composite materials with LED lighting. Our metalworking and welding workshop is equipped with a powder coating oven, CO-argonne machine, CNC engraving cutter, aluminum, ETALBOND and other metal cutting and bending machines, tube and profile bending machine, sheet metal bending machine, grinding machine and the full spectrum of auxiliary equipment. Our sun-and wind-proof manufacturing plant is equipped with high frequency plastic welding machine, sewing machines for processing, stitching and edging of fabrics and vinyl, pneumatic press machine for setting eyelets. In addition, the production facility is equipped with printing plotters, cutting plotters, vacuum press, and laminating machines. Last but not least is our professional design team that can meet the most refined taste and turn your idea into a brilliant decision.